Sunday, December 30, 2012

They Can't. They Won't. They Never will, Stop the Party!

Yet again we are treated to the media misinformation complex attempting to create the news they want to report.  Scurrilous less himmler (I hope I didn’t misspell his name) types up the dreck for the worcester fish wrap this time.

I do not intend to exhaustively refute every mistake that appears in this story.   But this one jumped out at me and need to be corrected.

Both he and Mr. Mandile, who lives in Webster, said leaders from tea party (sic) groups across the state have been meeting quietly, including in Worcester, to map out an agenda for 2013 and beyond. Although there nominally are 30 to 40 tea party groups across the state, Mr. Mandile said 15 or 20 of them are active.

The subtly of the misquote maybe lost on some readers  That some Tea Party chapters have not taken part in any specific Tea Party planning meetings does not qualify them as becoming inactive.  Unlike those other Astroturf organizations on the far extremes of American politics, independent activity is encouraged within the Tea Party movement.  Members of the larger groups do not dictate to the members of newer chapters.  

I have attended these meetings and can assure you that they are well attended by men and women whom are committed to saving our Nation.  These early planning sessions have allowed us to brainstorm and openly consider what has worked and what has not.  Frank, open discussion and  thoughtful consideration of what we should be doing to get our message out.  There will be more about this to come.

It is very important that you remember that the media misinformation complex wants you to be frustrated and disheartened.  They need you to believe that the Tea Party movement is in disarray.  They want you to just give up, and have a "serious conversation" where you get to nod you head in agreement to all their crazy schemes.  If you can be bullied into silence then they can enact do what they know is best for you.  They will get rid of all those difficult choices and freedoms that you don't really need anyway.  After all they know what is best for you because they went to journalism school.

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