Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Next Wave of the Tea Party.

The axiom claims that "in politics there are no permanent victories" and there are no permanent defeats as well. Grover Norquist is the founder and President of Americans for Tax Reform has become the favorite whipping boy for the big government types in Washington.  Mr. Norquist was on the Victoria Taft show, aired on KPAM 860 out of Portland, OR, on Thursday.  He closed his remarks by pointing out that Americans have reasons to be hopeful as he predicts a “second wave” of Tea Party enthusiasm.
We are about to have a Tea Party second wave that will dwarf the first wave and that is because while "spend too much" brought the Tea Party into existence, we're about to walk into "spend too much, regulate too much, and tax too much" all together. It's going to be a perfect storm...which is devastating to the economy, and I think the small business community which is particularly hit by Obama's tax increases are going to lead the fight bigger, stronger, tougher than the last Tea Party.

I have seen that second wave in the deep ocean.  Since election day I have been in contact with Tea Party members through out our Commonwealth.  All of them, each and every man and woman, have not given up on America.  We are searching for how we will proceed.  Some of us gathered in Worcester as others have gathered in other parts of this state and every other state of our union. 

Some report that there are more than 3 million Americans that claim membership in the Tea Party Movement.  I don't doubt it for a minute, and I am just as sure that we will be working to solve the problems that face our nation now and in the future.  Our second wave is coming!

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