Sunday, January 24, 2010

In the Cold Light of Day

Scott Brown has been elected and now has more fame than any other rookie senator in Washington. We all wish him well. Going to Washington with him are all our hopes for “Good Government” and for a chance to improve our union. In a short time we will learn if this one man will live up to our best hopes or if he will disappoint us in the job we hired him for.

All over the Airwaves and in Newspapers and on the Internet there are Pundits and Journalists and others that explain to any whom would listen, the events of the election. My personal favorite was Mr. Howard Dean explaining how this election was a vote for socialized medicine. So many voices, all talking at the same time, about one event, is the surest way to learn nothing. I will let the historians work this over to distill the truth of what this means to America.

From my perspective this is a victory for those people that have formed into Tea Parties. Mr. Brown was supported by many people who have been energized by Tea Party movement. He in turn, supported the goals of the Tea Party. I am not claiming that he only won because of the Tea Party. It is that these people, whom have only recently become involved with politics, have exercised a new set of muscles that they weren’t aware that they had. I have previously observed that the Commonwealth has mostly an Independent (un-enrolled) electorate. We have suffered with lackluster representation in Washington and Boston for as long as I can remember (a very, very long time). Those of us that believe we can do better, that we deserve better, are taking heart that we played a part in this historic election. But I can see that this victory has only further energized us and already there is talk of what we will do next.

There are mid term elections and initiative petitions and town meeting and more work than hands. If you are interested join the Worcester Tea Party. There ain’t no party, like the Worcester Tea Party, ‘cause the Worcester Tea Party won’t stop!

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