Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday 9/12 Worc.

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Saturday dawned as the classic disappointing weekend morning. Overcast, cool, and rainy, it was the sort of day to stay to stay in bed and pull the covers over your head and forget the to-do list. But this day was 9/12, the day when freedom loving Americans would take to the streets and protest against the Federal Government run amok. The main event took place on the mall in Washington DC with tens of thousands of citizens marching from al over America. But in around the nation there were satellite protests

In Worcester MA seventy stout hearted patriots stood in the rain holding signs and flags, waving to motorist and passersby, many of whom showed their support with honking and waving back. The drizzle didn’t dampen the spirits of those that attended. A high point of the rally was receiving a phone call from the delegation in DC. The caller told of the hundreds of New Englanders marching and the sea of American Patriots.

On April 15th there was a nation wide Tax Day Tea Party Rally. Since then there have been the famous Town Hall protests where the average American confronted those that would seek to impose higher taxes and a more intrusive government on them. We cannot know the future, but as it has been true since the founding of our republic when the people will lead the leaders will follow.

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Louise said...

Excellent post and pics. Great 9/12 day in D.C., Worcester, and across the country. Without these events and the town hall meetings, the politicians would ram through anything, and still might, but the anger is out there, and people will remember a year from now in the mid-terms.