Monday, July 22, 2013

The Chief Evangelist of the Worcester Tea Party goes on WCRN

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evangelist (i'vanjəlist) n
1. (Christianity / Protestantism) an occasional preacher, sometimes itinerant and often preaching at meetings in the open air
2. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) a preacher of the Christian gospel
3. Any zealous advocate of a cause

Since I have joined the Worcester Tea Party I have done many things. Because of my zealous advocacy I have earned the title Chief Evangelist of the Worcester Tea Party. Like everyone passionate about a cause, I eagerly seek to do more and to inspire others to do more as well. This posting is an account of my experience hosting a talk radio show.

It has long been my habit to call in to the Hank Stolz show on WCRN. Once I was a guest with Hank. Now Hank was going on vacation to the George Soros Journalist Re-Education Camp/Day Spa, and I was offered the opportunity to co-host with another frequent caller, Citizen Q. Citizen Q is a likeable man that represents his beliefs well. Citizen Q is a harsh critic of the Tea Party Movement but has a charm and humor that endears him. Other hours of the show were given over to other frequent callers and the program was much talked about before the Friday morning broadcast.

I created a FaceBook event for the show and invited everyone to call in. Before the show I discussed it with many people whose opinion I valued. I even had my wife make a fruit salad to share with everyone at the station. In every way I could think of I was prepared to talk for an hour about the Worcester Tea Party and the issues facing us here in the Commonwealth.


You don’t really get an hour. There is the news and the weather reports and the traffic updates and the commercials and the special features which all take away time. And of course you will have calls. And what ever time is leftover is divided between you and your co-host. So out of that hour I spoke for a tiny ten minutes. For that reality I was under prepared, I had left some of my best material to last but never got to say it on air.

People that have responded to my appearance on WCRN are of two types, those that hate the Tea Party Movement thought that performed poorly, and those that support the movement think I did a fantastic job. My own judgment falls somewhere in the middle, I feel I represented our ideals well. I did not allow others to speak over me nor did I give in to name calling. But I feel I could have made more of this opportunity.

The best advice I can offer is, try new things, do your best, repeat the ones that work, and learn from the ones that don’t. This is what I learned years ago in little league and it is still true today.

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