Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Income Tax Increase is Coming!


The Income Tax Increase is Coming!
The Income Tax Increase is Coming!

Legislators in Massachusetts are planing on raising our state Income Tax to 5.95% from 5.3%. Previously the people of Massachusetts voted to return our Income Tax to it's historical rate of 5%. In November 964,210 Massachusetts voters saw through the fear campaign and voted to reduce our Sales Tax to 3%. Many of those that voted against lowering our Sales Tax believed that lowering that it would require raising our Income Taxes. We argued that voting against lowering the Sales tax would be seen as a green light for raising taxes. We are now seeing that prediction come true.

There are where hearings about this travesty held in Marlborough, read the press accounts here:

Mr. John Niewiecki attended that meeting and his thought on this issue are published here:

Friends, Neighbors, Voters of the Commonwealth ask yourselves if can you afford to pay 12% more for the State Government? If you are like me there is no money I can spare. My family pays enough. Call your Legislators and demand that they stop the Income Tax Increase and cut the waste in State government. You can find out their contact information here:

Otherwise, The Income Tax Increase is Coming!
The Income Tax Increase is Coming!

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I'm Just Musing said...

Not only will income taxes go up, we will soon see other taxes rise as well. For example, when we are successful at turning everyone green, and force them to drive less, we will run out of money to fix roads, hence, higher taxes