Sunday, September 5, 2010

The T&G Shows us in a good light

I came across an article in the T&G today that casts a positive light on the Tea Party Movement. As you would expect leftist are spewing vitriol against us. That compelled me to reply. I am proud of my comment and wish to share it with you.

In the dead of last winter I drove past a busy corner at rush hour, everyday I past a man with a homemade sign: Scott Brown for Senate. He was not paid for his time. He was not part of the official campaign. He was jeered at. Swells on the left called him a fool, “Mr. Brown had no chance to win Teddy’s seat.” Well it seems that lone man was right, and his example will be repeated by people all over this nation. It is a factor that has not been well understood by those who see themselves as opinion makers. They don’t believe what they are seeing because it does not fit into their template. They try to demean what is happening as an ugly thing that it is not. The Tea Party Movement is in its infancy. But in just a few short months Tea Party members have up ended a calcified political establishment. I believe that the Tea Party Movement is a force for Good and it is growing stronger. Because I believe in America and Americans I believe in the Tea Party.

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