Sunday, September 19, 2010


A letter from an insider with the Marty Lamb campaign.

Hi Folks,
On short notice and for an early Sunday morning, we pulled out about 10 Lamb volunteers to do an 8am standout and ambush McGovern at the Democrat Unity Breakfast at Coral Seafood this morning. We call it LAMBUSHED ! We were very cheerful and happy and said Good Morning to people as they walked by. The Democrats looked miserable. As they drove down Shrewsbury street and turned into the parking lot, their chins dropped. A few of them swore at us as they walked by. Democrat state auditor candidate Bump made remarks that insulted Marty. I won't repeat it. Campaign manager, Shane Hayes has her remarks on video, and the audio came out really clearly. He'll also get this over to Mary Connaughton. The Dems tried to block us out by parking cars in front of Coral Seafood one after another. We just moved down some to the driveway and there's nothing they could do about that. They still had to turn in to park and see us right there, and they still had to walk by us to get to the door. We formed a good line. Then, some of them found a need to respond and standout here and there on the other side of the driveway and on the island across the street. We had the space on the restaurant side from the parking lot covered well. I also put our volunteers on the island across the street.
The Democrat politicians that came were Margot Kidder, Mahoney who is running against our guy, Paul Franco, and also Foley who is running against our guy Lew Evangelidas, and Tim Murray who is running against our guy Richard Tisei. Democrat State Auditor Bump came as mentioned and couldn't wait to throw the insult.
Then, Jim McGovern came and said hello to people holding his signs and then came over to us on his way in and said hello and shook hands. He said, "Hi ******, congratulations on the primary win. Where's Marty?" Naturally, I'm not going to tell him. I just said Marty is very busy.

Jim Mc Govern is concerned about Mr Lambs campaign. He has a war chest that dwarfs Mr. Lamb's but he is still running scared.

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