Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Parade celebrating Marlborough’s 350 Anniversary.

Yesterday my family and I attended the Labor Day Parade celebrating Marlborough’s 350 Anniversary. We had a good time, even though the year’s parade was longer and choppier than usual.

As always it was a very political event. As luck would have it Jim McGovern’s marchers stopped directly in front of where my family was sitting. I shook the Congressman’s hand and meet his mother. Then he saw my saw my Worc Tea Party Button. He was visibly taken back and searched for words then decided to hurry along down Lincoln Street. Some of his marchers engaged me in conversation. One complained that “so many people were just voting out incumbents.” She urged me to “vote the issues” while another wanted to know what my main issue was. When I responded that the Economy was my main issue, he told me that it was all (wait for it) Bush’s fault. I told them it was curious that they were so soured on the political process and how few people were paying attention. I told them that I am meeting more and more people whom have educated themselves about politics and have become involved. I told them that I see the Tea Party Movement growing. They seem genuinely saddened and confused that I was a member of the Tea Party and not some villainous racist monster.

Perhaps never before have any of these people meet a member of the Tea Party movement. I commonly encounter those that are confused because I seem so “normal” and “likable” not what they are told to expect at all. I urge all Tea Party members to identify themselves as members and talk to people about what we believe and who we are. Not to “get up in their face” or “talk about the President as a dog,” but in as politely and friendly a way as possible, talk about your patriotism. This is how we can prove we are not what they claim we are. With humor and smiles and the optimism that comes from being an American.

Included is a link to the Metro West Daily News coverage of the Parade. Commenting is free on their site.


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