Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Worcester Tea Party Announces 2nd Annual Tax Day Tea Party, Reaffirms Independence From Party Politics

Worcester, MA – The Worcester Tea Party, a local grassroots organization dedicated to fiscal conservatism and constitutional integrity, is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Tax Day Tea Party on April 15, 2010, Lincoln Square, Worcester. The first event, held last year in the same location, attracted an estimated 2,500 attendees. Taxpayers from around the state, and friends from across the country, gathered with hand made signs to protest the out of control growth of government and government spending. Led by Worcester Tea Party Chair, Ken Mandile, the event featured such speakers as Chip Lee of Citizens for Limited Taxation, the group responsible for Proposition 2 1/2 in Massachusetts, and conservative educators, legislators, and political candidates.

“This isn’t about Democrat or Republican or Independent,” said Ken Mandile. “This is about being true to the founding principles of the United States...individual responsibility, personal liberty, and economic freedom. We are here to remind our elected officials that government works for the people, not the other way around. The Worcester Tea Party will put our resources to work electing candidates who uphold these values.”

“The Worcester Tea Party is a true grassroots organization,” continued Mandile. “I started the organization with the help of a committed group of volunteers who are a mix of Democrats, Republicans, and unenrolleds. We aren’t controlled by any political party or by the larger, national Tea Party organizations. Any national disputes have no effect on us. We are completely managed, funded, and organized at the local level. While the national groups provide some good information and networking opportunities, we operate on our own and will continue our work, despite any issues at the national level.”

About the Worcester Tea Party

The Worcester Tea Party is a response to the usurpation and subversion of personal freedoms and free market capitalism by the federal government. Tea Party participants support:

- The return to our founding Constitutional principles of personal responsibility, integrity, honesty, liberty, and economic freedom
- The re-assertion of our sovereignty as free men and women
- The re-establishment of local control through the strengthening of the rights of individual states
- The holding accountable of our government through citizen activism

The group accomplishes these objectives through educating, recruiting, organizing, and mobilizing the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In 2009, the Worcester Tea Party organized the Tax Day Tea Party, the summer Rally for Responsible Government in Elm Park, and the Worcester Tea Party Forum featuring Holy Cross Professor Nick Sanchez. The group also sent hundreds of Massachusetts residents to the 9/12 Rally in DC and its members volunteered to help the campaigns of a variety of fiscally conservative candidates. For more information, see http://www.worcesterteaparty.com

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